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Victorian garden project - Surbiton


  • In the re-design of a small London Victorian front garden in Surbiton; our objective was to create an inviting and colourful space, departing from the formal Victorian structure typically associated with such gardens.

Description of work

  • For the Surbiton Victorian garden project, we initiated the transformation by constructing a double brick thick wall using London stocks and tiles, adding both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity to the garden. To enhance accessibility and visual interest, we redesigned the entrance point, incorporating a curving path for additional seasonal planting areas.

  • Next, we installed Marshalls Farnley Sett buff sandstone paviors for the path, bordered by metal edging. Simultaneously, we upgraded the property's water supply by installing a new 35 mm water line, while integrating irrigation and electrical feeds to facilitate car washing and seasonal decoration needs.

  • To ensure privacy and security, premium Jackson's garden fencing was erected along both boundaries, enhancing the garden's enclosure and aesthetic cohesion.

  • Finally, we meticulously curated the garden planting scheme, incorporating several hundred spring bulbs, herbaceous plants, and structured evergreens such as olives and lavenders to provide year-round colour and texture.

Our Unique Approach:

At Flourish Landscaping, we pride ourselves on our collaborative approach to project development. For the Surbiton Victorian garden project, we engaged closely with our clients to understand their vision and preferences, leveraging our horticultural and landscaping expertise to tailor the brief to their specifications.


By integrating their desires for an interesting and colourful garden with our knowledge of Victorian garden aesthetics, we created a unique design that exceeded their expectations.


Through meticulous planning and execution, we transformed their front garden into a welcoming and vibrant outdoor space that reflects their individual style and enhances the charm of their Victorian home.

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