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Landscaping project in esher


  • Design a large porcelain patio seating area in an unused area of garden

  • Install a drainage system capable of removing flooding across all sub-beds and lawns. Design replanting scheme for shrubs beds

  • Create drive in and drive out driveway, lawn and wall

Description of work

  • Rear Garden

    • We installed over 40 metres of porcelain after construction of a bespoke seating area. Raised planters were incorporated into the wall and the finish was rendered with k-rend, so no repainting would be necessary.

    • ½ metre deep channels were dug around garden and we removed over 50 tonne of clay and spoil and replaced with stone, 200 metres of perforated drain pipe and soil. Various soakaways were created at the end of the garden to accommodate filtration of the excess water into the water table.

    • The shrubs beds were transformed with new planting schemes designed for all year round colour.

    • The main York stone patio was extended and a new retaining wall was built.

    • Many areas of the lawn were re-turf and path created to link patios.


  • Front garden

    • The front driveway and wall was created to allow drive in drive out.

    • This was a simple construction of MOT sub-base and 20mm shingle. Metal edging enclosing brick crossover. Once created we built a wall along the boundary.

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