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Large garden redesign - Cobham


The property is undergoing a complete refurbishment and extension.  

  • We were asked to phase works over a 2 year period

  • Working with the developer and owner, to phase work according to access, and overall project access and progress.  

  • The property was heavily surrounded by 85 40 ft Leylandii.  

  • Our first phase was to fell and remove these trees, carry our formative and regenerative pruning on the shrub beds, replant a hedge and form a lawn.

Description of work

  • Rear Garden

    • We felled and removed 85 conifers, stump grind all of them.  This took 2 weeks.  Then we rotavated area cleared debris, imported 60 cum of premium topsoil and turfed the central area of about 500 sqm

    • We installed the network of irrigation pipes and lighting cables ready for Phase II

    • We also created some raised planters at the rear for vegetable growing, installed a new 8 x 10 shed and created a wild flora area, that was seeded in March 2023

    • We installed 100m of green chainlink fencing to dog proof the garden and 45 metres of 2m high closeboard fencing

    • We have designed the shrub bed planting and will be supply and planting quality shrubs, mulching and fertilising beds.

    • We will be replanting some trees next autumn along with extensive bulb planting and installing the more detailed shrub bed planting scheme and horticultural areas once the client has moved back into the property

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