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Small front garden - Thames Ditton

Front garden - Thames Ditton


The project aimed to revitalise a small front garden and undertake a comprehensive transformation of the rear garden in Thames Ditton.

Key aspects of the scope included:


Revitalisation of small front garden:

  • Excavation and installation of a 9-inch wall with capping and a gate to create a defined entrance and add visual appeal to the previously neglected space.

  • Filling the main area with limestone chippings to provide a clean and low-maintenance surface.

  • Introducing a Portuguese laurel hedge and Hydrangea Limelight to enhance the greenery and add a touch of natural beauty to the front garden.

  • Reconstruction of the boundary fence using modern trellis screening to provide privacy and security, along with repair work on the neighboru's picket fencing for a polished finish.

Rear garden transformation:

  • Removal of selected trees and shrubs to create a more open and inviting space.

  • Turfing of the rear lawn to transform it into a lush and vibrant area suitable for relaxation and recreation.

Description of work

Small front garden:

  • Excavation and installation: Our team commenced by excavating the front garden area and installing a 9-inch wall with capping and a gate, adding structure and definition to the space.

  • Limestone chippings: The main area was filled with limestone chippings, providing a neat and tidy surface that requires minimal upkeep.

  • Introduction of greenery: To enhance the aesthetic appeal and introduce natural elements, a Portuguese laurel hedge and Hydrangea Limelight were carefully planted, adding texture and color to the front garden.

  • Fence reconstruction and repair: The boundary fence underwent a transformation, with modern trellis screening installed for privacy and aesthetics. Additionally, repair work was undertaken on the neighbor's picket fencing to ensure a cohesive and polished finish.

Rear garden:

  • Tree and shrub removal: Selected trees and shrubs were removed to create space and allow for a more open and inviting garden layout.

  • Turfing: The existing lawn was replaced with fresh turf, transforming the rear garden into a lush and verdant area perfect for outdoor activities and relaxation.

Our approach:

At Flourish Landscaping, we're committed to bringing our clients' garden visions to life. Through close collaboration, we tailor each project to their objectives, preferences, and budget. Our comprehensive landscaping services, from hardscaping to softscaping, ensure a cohesive and sustainable design. With personalised consultations, we address every detail, ensuring the final result surpasses expectations.

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