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Modern Victorian front garden renovation - Long Ditton

Front driveway and planting


The project aimed to modernise the front garden of a Victorian house in Long Ditton, transforming it into an easy-to-care-for driveway while preserving the classic charm of the architecture. Key aspects of the scope included:

  • Removal of existing features: The project commenced with the demolition of the existing wall and patio to make way for the new driveway. This involved careful removal to ensure a clean slate for the transformation.

  • Installation of contemporary driveway surface: The focus was on installing a durable, contemporary driveway surface that required minimal maintenance. This entailed excavating the ground and preparing it with layers of membrane, MOT base, and Cotswold beige stone to create a stable foundation. London Stone antique limestone was selected for the main surface of the driveway, offering both aesthetic appeal and durability.

  • Incorporation of low-maintenance features: To enhance the functionality and visual appeal of the driveway, wooden sleepers were strategically placed around the perimeter. Additionally, small squares were arranged for the crossover area, adding a touch of modernity while ensuring ease of maintenance. Subtle planting was included to soften the landscape and enhance the overall aesthetic without compromising on the low-maintenance aspect.

Description of work

Front garden transformation

The front garden transformation project in Long Ditton was executed with meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship. Here's a breakdown of the work involved:

Demolition and preparation: The existing wall and patio were carefully demolished to prepare the site for the new driveway. Ground excavation was carried out, followed by the meticulous preparation of layers to ensure a stable foundation for the driveway installation.

Driveway installation: London Stone antique limestone was meticulously laid for the main surface of the driveway, creating a sleek and modern look that harmonized with the classic Victorian architecture of the house. The choice of materials prioritized durability and ease of maintenance, ensuring long-term functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Integration of design elements: Wooden sleepers were strategically placed around the perimeter to define the boundaries of the driveway and add a touch of natural warmth to the modern design. Small squares were carefully arranged for the crossover area, enhancing visual interest while maintaining a cohesive look. Subtle planting was incorporated to soften the landscape and introduce greenery, enhancing the overall aesthetic without requiring extensive upkeep.

Customer Satisfaction: The completed project exceeded the customer's expectations, combining modern interpretation with Victorian style seamlessly. The practicality of low-maintenance features, coupled with the timeless elegance of the design, left the customer delighted with the transformation of their front garden into a stunning driveway.

Our Approach:

At Flourish Landscaping, we pride ourselves on crafting bespoke outdoor spaces that reflect our clients' visions. For the modern Victorian front garden renovation in Long Ditton, we harmoniously merged the classic charm of Victorian architecture with contemporary, low-maintenance features. Through meticulous collaboration, we ensured the final design not only complemented the house aesthetically but also met practical needs.

Our landscaping approach emphasises functionality and durability. In the Long Ditton project, we provided a comprehensive solution, transforming the front garden into an easy-to-care-for driveway. From demolition to installation, our focus on durability and minimal maintenance ensured a lasting transformation. By incorporating durable materials and strategic planting, we achieved a balance between visual appeal and practicality.

Through tailored consultations, we addressed specific client concerns and preferences, delivering a front garden that seamlessly combines modern functionality with timeless elegance.

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