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Small family garden - Surbiton

Small garden transformation - Surbiton_e


In Surbiton, our task was to convert a small London garden into a modern, inviting family space with a focus on creating a rear seating area for entertainment and relaxation.

Description of work

  • For the Surbiton small family garden project, we began by installing screening trellis along all three sides of the garden, providing both privacy and aesthetic enhancement.

  • To add visual interest and functionality, we incorporated granite setts arranged in two adjacent circular patterns, complemented by turf and porcelain installations within each circle.

  • A diverse range of evergreen and colourful plants were carefully curated to ensure year-round visual appeal, enhancing the garden's atmosphere and providing a vibrant backdrop for outdoor gatherings.

  • Additionally, we installed an irrigation system to support the newly implemented garden elements, strategically timed during the peak summer sun to ensure optimal plant hydration and growth.

Our Unique Approach:

At Flourish Landscaping, our approach to the Surbiton small family garden project was characterised by close collaboration with the clients to understand their specific needs and desires.


Through comprehensive consultations, we utilised our horticultural and landscaping expertise to develop a tailored brief focused on creating an easy-to-maintain entertaining space.

By integrating elements of privacy, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, we transformed the small walled town garden into a sanctuary that the clients could fully utilise and enjoy. The success of the project was a result of our team's dedication, attention to detail, and commitment to exceeding client expectations, as evidenced by the positive feedback received.

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