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Indian sandstone patio and planting - Sheen

Sandstone patio and planting Sheen


Flourish Landscaping recently undertook a comprehensive garden transformation project in Sheen, focusing on replacing an old garden with a new Indian sandstone patio and ensuring the safety and security of the area by replacing the collapsing old fence.


The project involved several key aspects:

  • Patio replacement: The existing concrete patio was removed and replaced with 120 sqm of Indian sandstone, highlighted by a contrasting red brick edge. This not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also provided a durable and functional outdoor surface.

  • Fence replacement: An old, collapsing fence was replaced with durable closeboard panels, ensuring safety and security for the garden.

  • Pond installation: A new pond was installed, equipped with a UV filter and pump, adding a tranquil and natural element to the outdoor space.

Description of work

Back garden renovation

The Flourish Landscaping team executed the project with precision and expertise. 


We began by removing the old concrete patio and meticulously laid down the Indian sandstone, paying attention to detail to ensure a visually stunning result.


The installation of the fence and pond further transformed the garden, creating a beautiful and functional outdoor environment.

Our Approach

At Flourish Landscaping, we prioritise understanding our clients' garden visions. With decades of experience, we collaborate closely to bring their dreams to life, aligning every aspect with their objectives, preferences, and budget.

Offering a wide range of services, from hardscaping to softscaping, we create elegant elements like paving and decking while curating lush plant selections for a comprehensive landscape solution.

Our tailored consultations cater to each client's unique needs, defining goals, exploring design styles, and addressing budget constraints and challenges. With our expertise, every project results in an exceptional outdoor space that exceeds expectations.

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