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Large garden drainage project - Cobham


The property had been experiencing some flooding.  

  • Our client wanted a new patio around the a pool change in level

  • Shortly after we started the property started flooding from the front through the house into the back.

Description of work

  • Rear Garden

    • Our first task was to attempt to divert the water away from the house, which we did by way of a moat!! Taking water away to soakaways at end of garden

    • Then it started raining!

    • We installed over 400m of perforated drainage pipe and 100 mm pipes, 55 metres of acco channels and removed 220 ton of clay and arisings

    • The water was flooding over ground and underground into the house, so we  installed a submersible dirty pump with tube float into the front of the house to divert the water through 300 mm diameter drainage pipes into soakaways in the rear.

    • We then laid the 110 sqm of Indian sandstone from Silverlands.

    • Finally we imported 80 cum of premium blended top soil, and seeded the area.

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