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Solving flooding issues with stunning patio installation - Cobham


The property faced recurrent flooding issues, necessitating a strategic redesign of the outdoor space.


Our client sought to integrate a new patio around an existing pool while addressing the persistent flooding concerns.

Description of work

Transforming the rear garden

  • Our initial focus was on mitigating flooding risks by implementing effective drainage solutions. Despite encountering unexpected rainfall during the project, we installed over 400 meters of perforated drainage pipes and 100 mm pipes, along with 55 meters of acco channels. Additionally, we excavated and removed 220 tons of clay and arisings to facilitate proper water flow away from the property.

  • To further safeguard against flooding, we installed a submersible dirty pump with a tube float, strategically diverting excess water from the front of the house through 300 mm diameter drainage pipes into soakaways located at the rear of the property.

  • Once the drainage system was in place, we commenced the patio installation, laying down 110 sqm of exquisite Indian sandstone sourced from Silverlands. Finally, to nurture new growth and restore the landscape, we imported 80 cubic meters of premium blended topsoil and meticulously seeded the area.

Our approach:

At Flourish Landscaping, we prioritise crafting bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs and preferences.


With decades of expertise in landscape design, we seamlessly merge aesthetic appeal with functionality, ensuring your outdoor space reflects your vision and meets your practical requirements.

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