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Garden refresh - Twickenham


Embarking on a garden refresh in Twickenham, our goal was to rejuvenate a tired space lacking interest, featuring an unusual mound at its centre.

Our scope involved creating a family-friendly garden with room for football and horticulture while ensuring year-round plant interest and addressing screening needs due to a raised public footpath.

Description of work

Rear Garden


  • In the rear garden, our process began with tree removal and fence erection, followed by terraforming to incorporate high-quality humus-rich soil.

  • We then laid 110 sqm of sandstone paving and installed electric and irrigation pipes.

  • Simultaneously, our team brought in 400 sqm of arena gold turf and planted 550 plants, bulbs, and trees of various sizes to add vibrancy and texture to the space.

  • To address screening needs, large evergreen Trachelospermum (Chinese Jasmine) was planted on a wire frame along the rear fence.

Our Approach:

At Flourish Landcaping,, our approach involves collaborating closely with clients to develop a brief tailored to their specifications. Leveraging our horticultural and landscaping expertise, we ensure the final design meets both aesthetic and functional requirements.


Through detailed consultations, we guide clients in selecting plants for year-round interest and integrating features like screening to enhance privacy and usability. Our focus on client collaboration and expertise-driven design ensures every garden transformation exceeds expectations.

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